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WHYEverything comes from quality


Since its establishment in 1999, Senbai Industrial Co., Ltd. has experienced more than ten years of continuous enterprising development and has become a rubber processing enterprise in China with a large scale of production, complete technical equipment, a wide variety of specifications and excellent product quality.

Senbai Industry adheres to the business philosophy of "all comes from quality, all comes from customers", seeks development in transformation, seeks revitalization in reform, and constantly improves itself with the development philosophy of being better and stronger, and unswervingly based on rubber The processing industry adheres to the boutique strategy. Committed to continuous improvement, continue to provide the market with high-quality products and satisfactory...

PRODUCTProfessional Technology Development Ability
ADVANTAGEAdvanced production technology and equipment
FOCUS USReal-time updating of industry information
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  • Small knowledge of rubber mate With the rapid development of modern industry, vibration and noise have become serious problems in various fields. It will reduce operation accuracy, affect product quality, shorte...
  • What kind of coupling is gener Do you all know? Whether it is an ordinary AC motor, a linear stepper motor or other types of servo motors, the coupling is an essential and main accessory for them. Its main funct...
  • 4 reasons and analysis of the There are four main reasons for the failure of rubber seals: design errors, incorrect material selection, seal quality problems and improper use.1. Design errorsDesign errors are u...
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